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January 21, 2008

The purpose of a blog…

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As I understand it, the main purpose for a blog is to provide the Internet community with the benefit of one’s thoughts, feelings and understandings on just about any topic in the Universe. Well, that’s cool. I’ve read a few blogs for the past year or so and as I posted in my grand entrance, it’s something that I’ve considered for awhile now.So, what possible things are floating around in my little world that may be of interest to you, the reader? Well, since my blog is dedicated to the study of the ACW I think it’s important to at least note the topics that are of major interest to me right now.Having studied the Battle of Gettysburg more than any other battle, most of my interest lies in some of the more controversial, or little known topics having to do with that battle. For instance, Farnsworth’s Charge has been a topic of overall study for me over the last couple of years. While it’s not something that I study every day, I do try to dig into some information about it every now & then. Last December I was scheduled to make a trip up to Gettysburg to get together with a couple of friends of mine to try and locate the fenceline for the Alabama troops. Why? Because in many of the writings the men from Alabama claim to have seen Farnsworth fall. They also claim to have seen Riley’s battery from their position. The men of the 4th AL were pulled from the line in response to one of the phases of the Cavalry attack and I’ve wondered how Law could have sent a rider down, pulled the troops and repositioned them by the Slyder Farm while the Union Cav is charging at them. Still not sure on that one.But, back to the wall. Though I wasn’t able to make it, my friends Jon Plott, Alan Ramsey and Will Dupuis were able to locate the wall and use the GPS to mark it. Will took some great photos from the area showing that indeed, the Alabama troops were able to fully take in the D shaped field from their position. I’ll have to check with Will to see if I can post a picture of that for you here.This is just but one aspect of a very complicated mystery having to do with Gettysburg. It’s the reason I keep going back…these mysteries are endless! My hope is to continue to gather enough information so that I can settle in my own mind what I think happened during that fateful charge of Farnsworth. In the meantime, there are so many other areas in that one battle to study. Sure I would love to have the time to dig into Chickamauga and Chancellorsville – my two other favorite battles. But Gettysburg is the one that always keeps me coming back.I plan on elaborating on both Farnsworth and other aspects of the battle over time.  


January 10, 2008

Hey, I’m blogging!!

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Well, don’t know if it is a matter of time management or a matter of thinking that I don’t have much to write about. Perhaps it was as simple as not knowing what kind of pithy name to give my blog. However, after consideration over the Christmas Holidays I decided to give blogging a go. Today, while visiting the Woodford Reserve distillery in Kentucky, it came to me……Angel’s Share!!   Angelshare is the name given to the wonderful evaporative scent within the warehouse of the Woodford distillery. “This would be a great name for a blog and would fit into one of my little luxuries in life” thought I. Don’t get me wrong….I don’t spend every waking hour thinking and drinking Woodford’s fine products. AND, I’m not a brand monogamous bourbon aficionado. Over the years I have enjoyed some fine products from Maker’s Mark, Elijah Craig and Knob Creek. I just think there is something really special about Woodford. Perhaps it’s the landscape as you drive into the site. Perhaps it’s driving by the elaborate horse farms on the way in….I don’t know….there’s just something about the place!!Over the course of the next few blog entries anyway, I hope to provide you with some of my thoughts on the historical approach that I take to some of the history of the American Civil War. In the meantime, pick up some Woodford, sit back by the fireplace and think of the Angels…..they need a share too! 🙂 

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