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March 2, 2008

Research paying off….

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Greetings from Ft. Knox Kentucky!!

I’m here tonight having brought my lovely bride Aly up here for a speaking engagement. Aly has spent the last two summers in Gettysburg conducting research on the various reunions that have taken place there. She is in the middle of writing a book on the 75th and last Reunion of the Blue & the Gray. Her work is coming along nicely and soon it will be time to shop for a publisher.

Recently she was invited to speak here at Ft. Knox to Divisional Leadership. It’s truly an honor as there will be at least one Major General and three Brigadier Generals present. The event is a full dress uniform dinner party. I’m sure there are more details to which she will fill me in when I go pick her up in an hour or so.

To say I’m proud of her would be a massive understatement. She has worked hard on her research and I know folks will be really interested in her take on the social, military and political aspects of the 75th Reunion. Spoiler alert… wasn’t just about getting the Veterans together!!!

To the men, women, wives and husbands of the 3rd Cav. I’m sure you will agree that her presentation along with her engaging smile made for a wonderful topic and evening for your leadership event. It’s the least that we could do for the men & women that risk their lives every day so that others can feel safe and enjoy life here in the USA!!

Aly, thanks for making me and the girls proud of you and the heart and soul you have put into your research!!


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  1. Mushy gets you anything, darling!!!

    I’m still flying from how wonderful tonight was, but trying to pull this together would have been impossible without your support and that of my 2 little research assistants.

    For everyone else, sorry for the sugar overload — it’s just Chris & the girls are rarely in the audience, so I don’t get to publicly thank them enough!!

    Take care,

    Comment by aly — March 2, 2008 @ 4:10 am | Reply

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