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April 13, 2009

Well, it’s now official!!

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Today I reached a goal and milestone in my life….I completed my coursework at the University of Phoenix in March and today in the mail I received my diploma. So folks, you are looking at the most recent graduate of the University of Phoenix Bachelor in Science of Business Management! Wow! It is hard to believe to a certain degree….

I struggled early on in my career opting to get out in “the real world” and learn by doing rather than by going to school. I obtained an Associate’s degree from Springfield Technical Community College in 1983 and hit the road. Over the course of time I learned my trade, worked on HVAC units and controls and eventually went into technical support for a controls company. From there I moved into sales and 9 years ago, into Management – becoming one of the company’s youngest branch managers at the time.

I’ve since moved over to Johnson Controls where I am a branch manager in Knoxville. I moved the family to be near the Smokey Mountains and it’s been a great experience. About 2 1/2 years ago I started back at the University of Phoenix online to get my degree. The time has certainly flown by, but there were some individual assignments and papers that I thought would never end!!

I was able to accomplish this with the support of my beautiful wife and lovely kids….now we can spend some Saturdays together without me reading or writing a paper frantically that is due on Sunday night! I also need to thank my friends who were very supportive of me during this time too.

Well, in taking stock I now have to figure out what is next. I’ve grown interested in digital photography so I want to pursue that along with some of my Gettysburg interests….Farnsworth’s Charge, Scales Brigade and a growing interest in how each commander planned for the potential of what could happen and the reality of what did happen.

I hope to post a bit more frequently now and hope to have some thoughts worth your time in considering……..



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